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Hello! My name is Joan Weber. I have 10+ years in design, digital, print, marketing, SEO, social, branding, strategy & tactics.

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Telephone: 817 905 3514
E-mail: joan [@] joantri.com

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My philosophy is simplicity. Design requires both technical and creative abilities and so many people get involved in the creative that they forget about the technical and vice versa. Sometimes just because something is "cool" doesn't mean that it fits. You don't have to fill the page with so much content that it becomes mind boggling for the user. If you give the user just enough to intrigue them, then you just might keep their attention long enough to convey your message - let it be print or digital.


cookbooks, crafting, board games (especially scrabble, clue and mahjong), museums, Dr. Pepper, musicals, potatoes, checking things off my to do list, the smell of seasons changing, internet